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Screw conveyor





Apart from transportation the SMD screw conveyor can also be used for the mixing and draining of bulk goods. The SMD screw conveyor consists of the construction units trough, screw shaft and drive unit. The bulk material charge and –discharge is possible in various places.

The SMD screw conveyor can be perfectly used as an allocation organ for the feeding of containers, bunkers and silos. Due to the closed construction of the trough section no materials conveyed can escape into the environement.



The SMD screw conveyor is available as trough screw conveyor and as a pipe screw conveyor. The layout of the line can be horizontally or inclined. It is predominantly used for the transport of powdered, grained, and fragmentary conveying materials.

As special version the SMD screw conveyor can also be constructed as trough screw conveyor including break function. The SMD screw conveyor has successfully proven itself in regard to textile dust, boiler ash, flue ash, bottom ash and sludge.